We are the Ballard preservation society


We at the Ballard Preservation Society are concerned about the wrong element coming into our neighborhood. And frankly, they are already here. Ballard used to be a place where we had real community and our families could be safe. But lately things have been going downhill.

So when the Ballard Chamber of Commerce came out against homeless encampments in Ballard, we realized it was time to get our message out. We don’t need lazy drunks roaming our streets. We don’t need people that don’t work hard in our community. We don’t need outsiders that are displacing long-time Ballard residents from their homes. We don’t need empty rhetoricwe need real action.

And that’s why we need to keep the Ballard Chamber of Commerce out of Ballard.

Let’s review what some of the businesses of the Ballard Chamber of Commerce do to our community:

  • Chase Bank, whose representative is the Treasurer of the Ballard Chamber (we expect the Chamber to ask for a bailout any day now), got $25 billion  from the Federal Government. We don’t need welfare recipients here, nor do we need outsiders foreclosing on homes and forcing people out.

  • The Ballard Chamber of Commerce is led by a representative of a public relations firm that serves Fortune 500 companies. Yet they want us to trust their good intentions.

  • The Sloop Tavern posted a missive about keeping the homeless encampment away from their business. The Sloop doesn’t want any drunks roaming the streets of Ballard at night.

  • Habitude Spa spoke out against the encampments too. We can’t have people in Ballard who don’t work and just lay around in mud all day. That’s just lazy.

Let’s preserve the Ballard we once knew! No Ballard Chamber of Commerce in Ballard!

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